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Casino trivia that will make you think

Much like every other field of entertainment, the online casino realm carries plenty of legends, myths, and general trivia. From the brilliant to the bizarre, land-based casinos, online casinos, and casino portals have arguably seen it all. The following looks at a few tidbits that you may not have previously known about the world of online casino gaming.

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It’s All in the Cards

Here’s something, did you know that the four kings featured on the standard pack of cards actually have historical relevance? By all accounts the kings are modeled on King David, Alexander the Great, Charles the Great, and Julius Caesar. Seemingly each king carries either history based or biblical based legend, with each now also being etched in history on the cards that are dealt at virtual casinos around the world daily. The actual links to the kings featured date back over 500 years, which is rumored to be when the very first pack of playing cards was devised and developed. The suits themselves that are featured also have their hand in history. Each suit has a link related to a country and time in history, with hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs supposedly representing the Roman Empire, Rome, the Middle East, and Greece.

Rolling the Dice

History and legend can also be found in the dice too. Containing a truly fascinating history, the very first recognised dice were thought to have been constructed from animal bones and were considered a truly ancient game of choice. As time moved on dice were constructed by everything from fruit pits to human teeth, as the world began to get a taste for dice based gambling. The oldest known historical record of dice based gaming was found in Iraq and dates back over 5,000 years, when people were thought to be using clay constructed dice to play a game that shared similarities with backgammon.

Slots, Reels, and Fruit

Standing as the newest innovation in the world of casino gaming, slot games are a true favourite of the digital age. What many may not know is that slot machines and slot games actually have a history that dates back over 100 years. Record has it that the earliest recorded slot machine was created by Charles Fey and was distributed amongst bars in the San Francisco area as far back as 1899. The three-slot device featured a mechanical mechanism that rotated a lemon, a cherry, and a liberty bell. As time passed the devices became popular and are now commonplace throughout the world. That isn’t the only interesting fact that surrounds this century old form of gambling. The bar symbol is thought to have been adopted from the chewing gum company Bell Fruit, while the fruit symbols are linked to the Herbert Mills Company. It is these fruit related symbols that helped slot games receive the nickname “Fruit Machines”.

From comps to free cash – The unique history of the casino bonus

When asked what is the lifeblood of the casino world, there is no denying that it is the players that keep the industry moving forward. Back when casinos and land-based gambling originated, companies were limited in what they could do to help retain player interest. That all changed in the 1980s as land-based casino comps became more and more common place. Within Las Vegas the competition between casinos is notoriously ruthless and given the lack of serious high roller players, casinos would fight tooth and nail to make sure they played and their casino.

The origination of the casino comp was initially low level, players who stuck around at a casino would be provided with free food and drink in order to make sure they kept playing. But as the level of money involved increased, so did the casino comps. Free hotel rooms and event tickets were the next step, but that eventually became just the tip of the iceberg. Limo service, shopping trips, and even private jet hire were all thrown around, but it isn’t just that. The craziest story I heard was that one of the casinos based in Gibraltar, a notorious haven for millionaires, were running a competition to win a one of a kind Bentley convertible. A wealthy Arab businessman was in the mix to win it, but eventually he would miss out on the top prize. Following this he asked the casino if he could buy the car outright “for his son”, so in order to keep the player happy, the casino called Bentley and paid outright for a second model to be made and gave the car to the player without charge.

In its early days the casino comp was an incentive, but as it grew it became pure bribery and in many ways a little out-dated. In the 2000s the online casino industry gained traction and with it came a new bonus for players to utilise. The online casino bonus came around and changed the industry to an extent. Used as an introductory tool, the idea is that a player deposits it a set small amount of money and receives a bonus amount of free funds as a reward. While in the early days the online casino was basic in form and the amount received was nominal at best, much like the casino comp the online casino bonus would evolve.

By the later part of the 2000s and the online casino industry had boomed, as there were hundreds (possibly even thousands) in existence around the world. With these online casinos competing for every player, the amount being offered in free bonuses grew. Free spins also became commonplace, which worked wonders to draw in those who loved the slots. As the numbers on show grew, by 2015 you can quite easily grab yourself a bonus that keeps on giving. These days you don’t just get plenty of free cash and free spins up front, but many casinos run a setup that sees you get more free funds should keep making regular deposits. Some casinos also offers some really good VIP programs for highrollers that play a lot – You can find some of these programs at

Looking back, it is clear that the casino bonus has been on quite the journey. From the old school bribes of the Las Vegas casino circuit to the modern day offerings of the online casino world, the bonus has grown and evolved alongside the industry itself. These days players living in exciting times, with free cash readily on offer, but given the current direction of the field the bonuses on show are only set to get bigger and better. They’re easy to find too, with many casino guides online focusing in on finding good offers. For example, helps finding free spins no deposit required at UK casinos. Free spins are one of the most popular forms of bonuses around today, and by using the above mentioned website, you can enjoy a free chance at winning big!