It is seemingly being advertised everywhere you look, with Casumo being the online casino name of the moment. Most traditionalists have fobbed off the site as being another flash in the pan, along with claiming that the new approach to online casino gaming being nothing more than a fad. I’ll admit I was once in the same crowd, with all these new casinos popping up I didn’t think any of them would deliver a mobile casino experience that would be worth my time. Looking back I couldn’t have been more wrong. I found that Casumo did things differently to many other mobile casinos, as they provided me a truly interactive experience that really surprised me.

As a player you can’t come into Casumo and treat it like any other casino, as you’ll find that things are a little different from the home page onwards. Cash is usually the only prize through a mobile casino and that is usually limited. Casumo operate a slow build model through their mobile casino, as each game relates to trophies and valuables you can win in order to move towards the top rewards. The adventure game setup isn’t for those who want a quick fix when it comes to online gambling, but for those who want an experience that has more meat on the bones then Casumo is perfect.

At Casumo you are likely to find the very best games from NetEnt, but what surprised me the most about them from an online casino perspective is just how often new games are added. My experience with mobile casinos is that you are usually left waiting months on end to play the latest games; with Casumo I faced no such issue. It isn’t just myself who felt such way either, as the site is ranked among the top new casinos at popular gaming review site Casumo represents a new breed of online casino that focuses on gamer experience more than anything else. Cash winnings are obviously important, but if you can’t have fun trying to win then what is the point. Casumo have put the fun back into mobile gambling through a fast and responsive website that simply captivates the player.

The sign-up process is where Casumo as a mobile casino can become a bit confusing. When it comes to welcome bonuses what you receive actually depends on the country you are registering from. This means that those in Norway receive a better deal than those in Sweden, while those in Sweden receive a better deal than those in the UK and so on and so on. The setup up definitely has the legs to become a smart way to offer welcome bonuses, but at this point it feels a little all over the place. In game bonuses are far easier to read, as they constantly offer promotions related to new games. For example, while I was playing EggOMatic and Fisticuffs were added to the site and I received plenty of free incentives in order to start playing them.

For all the fun that Casumo mobile casino provides, I was glad to see that they take things seriously when it comes to my money. Their deposit and withdrawal system operates within a secure connection. Casumo say that they are “Pretty darn proud” of the payment and customer services options they offer and I’d say they have every right to feel that way.

The mobile casino market is filled with so many duds, so it is nice to see a gem pop up once in a while. I really enjoyed my time playing on Casumo’s mobile casino; it offered me an experience different to the norm and a welcome return to mobile casino gaming at its most fun.