So you have fifty free spins at your disposal and you feel on top of the world, but you need to think smart, as you don’t want to go in all gung-ho and waste them unnecessarily. Fifty is a lot, so you need to know which game is going to get you the best return on your spins. The first way we could look at it is based on stats; the slot game that gives out the most money would be the logical game to go for first right? Well it is actually a little more complicated that, as there are plenty of other things that you need to consider. But first thing’s first, start off by by finding a good no deposit casino bonus UK consisting of free spins, which is easy if you know where to look – a good place to start is casino portal!

After figuring out the top paying games, let’s look at the companies who have lost the most money to gamblers. Topping the list is All Slots and All Slots Mobile, both of which lost a combined total of $143 million to gamblers during 2014. With that amount of winnings on the table, games from them would clearly be the obvious place to play your free spins. Moving on, so you’ve now got the game developer you are going to play with, along with a selection of games that are paying out over the odds, what could go wrong? Well you should never discount the odds. Obviously the odds are against you and everyone else, so there is no sure thing in gambling. Perhaps these slot machines don’t entice you in the way you want, but if you want to win you are going to have to face the odds.

One thing is sure, in the world of slots there is a game that caters for every niche, from slots based on films to slots based on characters or television shows – Just have a look at and you will find a huge list of casinos each offering hundreds of different slot machines. But if you want to succeed you need to use your grey matter and see that the truth is in the stats. The following will take you through the top three slot games in 2015, so you can get a feel for the games that seem to give gamblers the highest amount of turnover.

Thunderstruck 2

The highest ranked slot game, boasting big wins on many occasions. The biggest win in 2015 came from a player named “Masis S”, who won over $850,000 on the game. In fact that was the player’s fourth win in eight days on all slots. Proof that it does pay to be persistent.


This is the second highest ranked game and is known for delivering big wins with the highest winner receiving an impressive $758,000. With figures like that in its back catalogue, there is no denying the appeal of the original Thunderstruck title.

Burning Desire

This game boasts the highest single money payout of all three games, with a staggering $949,000 payout occurring last year. The figure is more than any other game during such time frame (excluding progressive slots), however the stats say that you have less of chance of winning at Burning Desire than the other two titles on this list.

Many other games have big payouts and frequent wins, but the aforementioned three most are the most successful titles of the moment. Slot machines obviously work on a system and some would say they work in favour of the online casinos. However, if you bet smart with your free spin bonus, history shows that there is money to be won.